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For a more object-oriented code!

For a more object-oriented world!

What about the forms in your application get to consume objects instead isolated variables and row data?

What about to build forms capable of handling native Delphi objects directly from dataware components, like TDBGrid and TDBEdit?

What about building your application taking the advantage of persistent objects and still leveraging all the code, design and knowledge for years using Delphi's dataware components?

With EverClassy Dataset the programmer has direct access to application's objects from dataware components without any intermediary code!

The EverClassy Dataset component is able to consume native Delphi objects, mapping properties to dataset fields, allowing the complete usage of all dataware components that made Delphi so famous!

In order to benefit from EverClassy Dataset features, you just need five simple steps:

1) Declare your class in Delphi code, just like always:

  TPerson = class
    FFirstName: string;
    FMiddleName: string;
    FSurName: string;
    FBirthDate: TDateTime;
    FContacts: TObjectList<TContact>;
    FAddress: TAddress;
    function GetFullName: string;
    procedure SetBirthDate(const Value: TDateTime);
    function GetBirthDate: TDateTime;
    constructor Create;
    destructor Destroy; override;
    property FullName: string read GetFullName;
    property FirstName: string read FFirstName write FFirstName;
    property MiddleName: string read FMiddleName write FMiddleName;
    property SurName: string read FSurName write FSurName;
    property BirthDate: TDateTime read GetBirthDate write SetBirthDate;
    property Contacts: TObjectList<TContact> read FContacts;
    property Address: TAddress read FAddress;

2) Register your class with EverClassy Dataset, so it will be able to handle collections:


3) Add the TECDataset component in your form and add fields named just like the class properties:

Form usando TECDataset

4) Create a collection that holds your instances, assign it to the Source property of TECDataset and call the Open method:

  People := TObjectList<TPerson>.Create;
  person := TPerson.Create;
  person.FirstName := 'Person A';
  // setting properties
  person := TPerson.Create;
  person.FirstName := 'Person B';
  // setting properties
  person := TPerson.Create;
  person.FirstName := 'Person C';
  // setting properties
  ECDatasetPeople.Source := People;

5) Done! Now your objects are at your fingertips! Form operando com TECDataset

Do you want to know more? Then visit the EverClassy Dataset page and get familiar with this innovative product!